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Hi Everyone. Co-authoring with Leni Hanson, I'm bringing out a new book in January 2021 titled "The Last Time We Met". It's a romance, featuring Austen Farleigh, one of the characters from my book "Playing the Spy". Austen is a rock star: charismatic, edgy and magnetic. Her penchant for one-night stands is as famous as her songs. No nonsense doctor, Merritt Harrington, hasn't any intention of being a notch on her bedpost, not after what happened eleven years ago.  But can she ignore the flame that was ignited so long again, a fire that refuses to be extinguished. 

Due out January 2021
Published by Bella Books.

My Books
Published  2020
A tightly woven story of relationships, subterfuge and dangerous secrets
Published 2019  Finalist ---GCLS Awards Best of the Best-the Lesbian  
Anthropologist-matchmaker meets her match when she is hired to find a reclusive scientist a wife
Published 2018

Finalist --- GCLS awards

A reporter is sent to a lush tropical island to spy on a movie star. But love is the air.
Published 2017

Two strong-willed women fight for survival in a primitive wilderness of venomous snakes, stinging insects and crocodile infested swamps. Too bad the wild life are the least of their worries.
Published 2015

The Mining magnate might be looking for revenge, but artist Abby has other ideas. In the end, they both get more than they bargained for.
Published  2016

 As they race against time to find migrant girls being trafficked into Brisbane, a human-activist falls for the federal agent assigned to protect her.
Published 2015

Finalist --- GCLS Awards

A reporter and cop join forces to search for a lost sister. While the serial killer roams the city, they never mean to cross certain lines.
Published 201p4

Outback Australia is no place for lightweights as city doctor soon finds out. And she certainly doesn't want the local vet rocking her world.
 About Maggie

Among other things, Maggie is a writer in her spare time and a reader by night. She began writing Lesbian fiction novels six years ago and it's become her passion. The reason? She just loves telling a story and bringing characters to life. To take readers on a suspenseful journey or immerse them into a passionate love affair is awesome. She likes getting people excited about the things she's excited about.

Maggie gained a Master of Creative Writing which she figured would help her put my thoughts into words. Her home is in Brisbane, a fantastic place to live. The climate is warm, the people laid back and the life-style easy-going. As well as a writer, she's an artist. To chill out, Maggie likes golf, cards and a glass of wine with friends. She's done quite a bit of  travelling and enjoys seeing how other people live. 

Having a pen name gives her a sense of detachment to the real world. In her opinion, a writer should remain a little mysterious.

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My books can be bought directly from my publisher, Bella Books.
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